About Us

Our Vision:  The great American experiment to this day has been a question of a peoples capacity to self govern, thus maintaining individual freedoms. When the balance of power between those governed and those given consent to govern becomes imbalanced, liberty and prosperity suffer. We desire that the essential balance of power, having been tipped to the side of those governing, would be restored to it’s optimal condition.

Our Mission:  In all of human history it is found that freedom is the exception, not the norm. The pillars of the American experiment and of the resultant liberty have been a civically moral, educated, and active people. Our mission is to encourage one another, our families, and our communities in these pursuits, thus reasserting civic ownership of our cities, state, and nation.


Favorite Quotes:

A society will remain as free or as enslaved as the conscious dispositions of individuals determine it shall be. Just as the roots of oppression are found in passivity, the foundations of our liberty reside in highly energized and focused minds that insist upon their independence. There are no shortcuts, no structures or doctrines that can be erected, no hallowed documents to be revered, to save us the effort of continually challenging those who would presume to exercise authority over our lives.
— Butler Shaffer